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Priyanka Aradhye

I am a Statistician by education and profession, and also equally passionate about cooking and exploring new places. I am a mastershef of my lovely home, despite of that I try to embrace healthy lifestyle.

Exploring new places, in the lap of nature, is my idea of a good vacation. I adore beaches, as well as mountains, but I pay attention that I don't contribute to spoil their beauty (Use NO plastic or very little plastic)!!
When at home, nothing beats the idea of trying out new+healthy+delicious recipes and serving them to the family.
Regular workout and Yoga are part of my daily routine and it really keeps me fit. is my attempt to pen down recipes I learned and liked. I would also be reviewing some of the wonderful places I have travelled to within and out of India. You can catch me sharing my ideas of good and healthy lifestyle here.

Look out for bunch of healthy yet tasty Recipes that I post every now and then. Started the journey with Marathi recipes and now each and every recipe is also being converted and published in English.

My affinity towards healthy lifestyle is the driving force behind our Lifestyle. My love for travelling to explore new places and culture, drives me to create detail oriented, budget-friendly travel plans and travel ideas which are also shared in our Travel section.

I really appreciate you visiting my blog and would even want you to become regular visitor and reader of my posts. Please leave a feedback/suggestions for our efforts in below comments section. Share it with your family and friends whom you love and want to be healthier. Stay positive and safe!

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Kirti Mishra

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Kirti is the author behind our new sections of Travel blogs and Lifestyle blogs here at She is pursuing her bachelor's in English Literature from Banaras Hindu University. She is a part-time freelance blogger, script writer and an intern at

She is also an ardent speaker and an intersectional feminist. She actively participates in voicing issues like gender disparity, inequility amongst gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc.