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You need to ensure that your toddler learns to eat a variety of different foods. You need to encourage your toddler to eat whatever is served to her. Parathas are loved by everyone because of their spicy and delicious taste.

There are two main elements in every stuffed paratha i.e., the dough made of wheat flour and the stuffing-

Dough made from whole wheat flour – a basic dough is made with whole wheat flour (atta), salt, oil and water. Making the dough is very easy and you can either knead with hands or in a stand mixer.

Mashed Potato stuffing – potatoes are boiled, peeled and then mashed. To the mashed potatoes, some herbs, spices and salt are added. The spiced mashed potatoes are then stuffed in a rolled dough and roasted or fried.

You can follow a similar process to make the paneer/ gobi/ sattu paratha. The ingredients used in the stuffing are closely the same just a minute difference or maybe the addition of some.



You need to keep experimenting to understand the likes and dislikes of your child. Another important key to making your toddler complete the meal without any hassle is to make the dish look attractive. Take some time out to decorate the food to make it a little appealing.
Vegetable soup is a great way to provide wholesome nutrition to your child. Soup doesn’t require much chewing and is easy to digest.


Chop all the vegetables – Carrot, French beans, spring onions or onions and green cabbage into small pieces.
Take a bowl and add 2 tbsp cornflour to it. Add 3 tbsp of water to the cornflour and mix well. Take a heavy bottom pan and keep it on medium flame. Add 1 tbsp oil or butter to it.
Add the chopped onions and minced garlic to the pan. Saute it for 1 to 2 minutes. Next add French beans, green cabbage, sweet corn kernels and carrot to the pan. Add some salt that makes it perfect for the vegetables to cook.
Stir and cook the vegetables for 4-5 minutes. By this time the vegetables must be partially cooked.
Next, add 2½ cups of vegetable stock or water. Mix well and bring it to a boil. Once the mixture has started to boil, add salt. Bear in mind that salt was added for cooking the vegetables too. Make sure you do not overdo it.
Add black pepper powder if your child is comfortable with it. Now add the cornflour water mixture. Keep stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed. Stir and cook until the soup turns thick and the raw smell of cornflour vanishes. This may take around 7 to 8 minutes. Now add vinegar and mix thoroughly.

Your soup is ready to serve!



Dalia is a perfect meal to feed your toddler during winter and monsoon season as it keeps the body warm. There are two different versions of Dalia i.e., one is tangy and spicy while the other is sweet. Despite the difference in taste, the recipe for both of them is quite the same.


Roast Dalia or broken wheat and moong dal separately for some time until they change colour or tum aromatic.
Heat some ghee or oil on low flame in a pressure cooker.
Next, add in the mustard and cumin seeds oil and let them splutter.
Add in the chopped onions and fry for a few minutes or until translucent.
Then add in the chopped green chillies and grated ginger and sauté for a few minutes.
Add the chopped tomatoes and fry them until they turn mushy.
Next, add in the veggies and cook for a few minutes.
Rinse dalia and moong dal thoroughly and add them to the pressure cooker. Stir well.
Add four cups of water, and salt as needed. Give it a nice stir.
Cook it on a medium flame for 4-5 whistles. Your daliya should be cooked properly by then.
If it is not cooked thoroughly, add some water and cook it again without a lid for a few minutes until you get porridge-like consistency.
Add coriander leaves and serve hot.

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