Maternity Fashion For Women

Publish Date: 2021-08-11 By: Priyanka's Team
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Maternity Fashion For Women


Pregnancy is a really special period, a beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life. The time when you grow a darn human in your belly and bring a new life to this world. A woman has to go through different phases during pregnancy.
A rollercoaster of moods and mixed emotions along with various health issues, hormonal upsurge and complications. Situations like sudden cravings, fatigue, nausea, etc become an everyday event.

The body also undergoes a lot of changes and transitions at different stages of pregnancy. The waistline begins to expand as the baby and uterus grow larger. Most women notice changes in their breasts in the early trimester of their pregnancy. The hormone in the pregnant woman’s body changes and prepares itself for breastfeeding.Depending on your size before pregnancy, you may not notice this change until the second trimester.

Since prenatal care is of utmost importance now and your body goes through a lot during this time, it's imperative to provide it the comfort and care it asks for. This comfort begins from what you wear! Because this is your growing period, your old clothes will definitely not fit you. Therefore, it’s crucial to shop for some comfy cotton clothes for your maternity period. Wearing tight clothes can trigger issues like nausea, constipation and vomiting.
To make sure your pregnancy is comfortable and memorable, we’ve listed out some comfy maternity outfits that will support your baby bump and are easy on your pockets too !


Shirt dress is a must-have during pregnancy. If you wish to don a comfy yet chic outfit during the summer, then this attire is absolutely the perfect option. Shirt dresses are important and essential in a pregnant woman's wardrobe. If you are looking for an easy feminine look then oversized white shirt dress is something you should resort to. You can even style your dress with a neutral blazer, floral shrug or with a denim coat.


Kaftan dresses are ideal attire during this time because of its free-size design. They can be easily worn and are really comfortable. The balloon-like variant of the robe provides enormous room for movement and expansion and doesn’t make you feel stuck. You can wear this throughout your pregnancy period, post pregnancy and beyond. Kaftans are also nursing friendly which means they have a hidden front zipper that makes breastfeeding amazingly convenient.


Over-the-bump leggings have stretchy belly panels that are big enough to cover your entire baby bump. The stretched belly panels provide extended support to the baby bump and can easily accommodate your growing belly. These leggings have an added benefit of folding down the belly panel which makes it super versatile. These maternity leggings are super-stylish to boot and look super chic!


Coordinated sets have recently hit the market and have become a popular choice among Indian moms-to-be after celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Anushka Sharma were captured wearing chic co-ord sets during their pregnancy. Since it’s imperative to choose the right kind of silhouette, a nice co-ord set provides the comfort you’re seeking . They look chic and are hassle free.


Ruffle hem side tie maternity dresses look ultra-classy and ultra-feminine. They look darn cute on to-be-moms. This pregnancy outfit has a relaxed fit to show off your curves yet provide you enough room for movement and comfort. This dress exudes comfort which is necessary for a pregnant woman and also gives enough space for your growing belly.

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