Essentials for Travel and Vacation

Publish Date: 2021-07-01 By: Priyanka's Team
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Essentials for Travel and Vacation


We all dread packing our backpacks, don’t we? We write, rewrite and again write the list and make edits over and over again.Figuring out the most important items for the trip is supposedly the most cumbersome task. Despite taking utmost caution, we often forget the essentials and deal with the repercussions of missing them out.

In order to make your packing seamless, we’ve shortlisted the requisite to alleviate your burden and make your travel worthwhile.

Carry important documents

Make sure that you have all the necessary documents with yourself.Whether you are traveling domestically within your home country or outside of it, you’ll need proper identification. You can leave your voter registration card at home, but other than that – consider bringing multiple versions of identification documentation.


When travelling abroad, you must double check if you’re carrying your passport with yourself.Make sure to keep your documents at a safe place, keep a photocopy of the documents if possible


If you’re travelling abroad make sure to carry your visa along with your passport and make sure not to lose your documents.Not carrying a visa might lead you to serious trouble.

Identification Card / Aadhar Card

Identification cards are very crucial when you're travelling anywhere inside your country. Passport is indeed a very supreme identity card but you should carry other identification cards other than your passport,like Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Voter ID.

Medicines and Toiletries

You never know when you might catch a fever or stomach ache. It’s necessary to prepare yourself for the worst.
Ensure to carry important medicines and a first aid kit with yourself.Make a list for the toiletries you would require. Strike the ones least important. Do not hoard many things, make your packing short and precise.

Carry a portable charger and charging cords

None of us would want our phones or tablets to die in the middle of a journey!
It would be even worse if you’re working while you travel or if your phone dies and all the travel information is on it. Also, no charge in your phone or camera means no pictures and you don’t want that!

To avoid such issues, make sure to pack your chargers and a portable backup charger as well.

Well-planned set of clothes

Well-planned set of clothes

Make a proper list of the clothes that you need to carry.Plan your outfit for each day according to the destination.Avoid bright color t-shirts, it’ll allow you to repeat the same tee more than once.Carry some extra pair of undies and shorts.

Apart from the luggage you check-in, carry a few clothing items in your cabin bag, like t-shirts, shorts or cardigan.It’s always better to be prepared,in case the airline loses your luggage or some other unfortunate incident happens.

Bring a neck-pillow

Before you travel on an airplane, a car or even a train, the most important thing to do is ensure that you are going to be comfortable. Traveling on an airplane is considered as one of the most uncomfortable travel experiences, especially if you are on an economy seat. The seats are close to each other, and there's almost no place to move.
Travelling on a car or train is no different. You definitely don’t want neck pain while you’re on your trip! In order to avoid neck pain, carry a neck-pillow with yourself.

Covid essentials

You need to remind yourself time and again that covid is yet not over. Make sure to carry 2 or 3 masks with yourself. In addition to that, keep hand sanitizer and sanitizer spray in your handbag.

You must carry your vaccination certificate or an updated negative Covid-19 report.Check and recheck these once you’re done with your packing.

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Rohit via · Twitter
These tips became a life saver for me. I am not so much of a traveller, but had to travel urgently because of Covid situation. I got this articles and I was easily able to pack up and leave without forgetting any important stuff behind. Thanks Priyanka's Team.

9 Days ago

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